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Question Dead or Alive Macs?

Discussion in 'WiMAX, DSL Questions' started by jhon quibin, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. jhon quibin

    jhon quibin Addict Established


    2-3 mbps ( Scanned )


    MBPS ALL ( lahat LIVE )

    04C06F60D678 Liloan
    04C06F60EDBA Pangasinan
    04C06F60F3C4 Liloan
    04C06F611020 Upper Caloocan
    04C06F6110C2 Pampanga 1 (lower)
    10C61FAB50EE Toledo Cebu
    10C61FCE316B Tarlac
    202BC16941A2 Laguna South
    202BC1694CDC Lapu-Lapu Area
    202BC1AAAD7D Rizal 3
    202BC1AAE049 Mambaling Cebu
    202BC1AB0903 Liloan
    202BC1AB0E2D Liloan
    202BC1E09CD7 Carcar Cebu
    202BC1E0A8A3 Cagayan
    202BC1E0A8E9 Lapu-Lapu Area
    202BC1E0EA13 Bulacan 3
    202BC1E0F7C7 Nueva Vizcaya
    285FDB27E3C2 Toledo Cebu
    285FDB27FEA6 Benguet/Baguio/Mt. Province
    285FDB2820AC Bulacan 3
    285FDB283884 Talamban Cebu
    308730C5FC25 Rizal 3
    308730C601F9 Upper Caloocan
    308730C60ACD Las Pi´┐Żas
    308730C60DA5 Upper QC 1
    308730C62F47 Taguig
    308730C638CB Taguig
    308730C63BBB Nueva Ecija South
    308730C6443B Cavite Lower 1
    308730C6546F Cavite Lower 3
    308730C654FF Nueva Ecija South
    308730C656E9 Manila 1
    308730C681D7 Nueva Ecija South
    308730C682DD Batangas East 1
    308730C68359 Batangas East 2
    308730C6872F Nueva Ecija North
    308730C68DB3 Laguna North
    346BD348AB4C Pasig 1
    346BD348ABB0 Cavite Lower 4
    346BD348ABB8 Pasig 1
    346BD348B588 Bulacan 3
    346BD348B790 Bulacan 3
    346BD348BCA4 Laguna South
    346BD348BF34 Cavite Upper 2
    346BD348C038 Bulacan 4
    346BD348C098 Cavite Upper 2
    346BD348C0AC Bulacan 3
    346BD348C100 Tarlac
    346BD348C374 Cavite Upper 2
    346BD348C5C8 Tarlac
    346BD348C5DC Tarlac
    346BD348C850 Rizal 3
    346BD348C890 Rizal 2
    346BD348CE4C Bulacan 3
    346BD348D548 Bulacan 3
    346BD348D55C Bulacan 3
    346BD348D5D8 Bulacan 3
    346BD348D630 Taguig
    346BD348D770 Bulacan 4
    346BD348D8B0 Bulacan 2
    346BD348D8C4 Bulacan 3
    346BD348D8E8 Bulacan 3
    346BD348D928 Bulacan 3
    346BD348D984 Upper QC 1
    346BD348DCB4 Pampanga 1 (lower)
    346BD348E184 Cavite Lower 3
    346BD348E34C Pasig 1
    346BD348E710 Cavite Upper 2
    346BD348E770 Bulacan 4
    346BD348ED44 Cainta
    346BD348F7E0 Upper QC 1
    346BD348FC88 Pampanga 1 (lower)
    346BD348FCD0 Pampanga 1 (lower)
    346BD348FD5C Pampanga 1 (lower)
    346BD349125C Bulacan 3
    346BD34912E0 Bulacan 4
    346BD34917AC Bulacan 3
    346BD3491EF8 Manila 1
    346BD3491F9C Bulacan 4
    346BD34922B8 Cavite Upper 2
    346BD349239C Bulacan 3
    346BD3492420 Cavite Upper 2
    346BD3492568 Isabela
    346BD349285C Manila 1
    346BD3492D14 Bulacan 3
    346BD3492D78 Pampanga 2 (upper)
    346BD38F7648 Laguna South
    346BD38F7760 Bulacan 1
    346BD38F7804 Bulacan 1
    346BD38F7810 Laguna South
    346BD38F789C Bulacan 1
    346BD38F78B4 Laguna South
    346BD38F78B8 Laguna South
    346BD38F793C Laguna South
    346BD38F7948 Laguna South
    346BD38F7ADC Cavite Lower 2
    346BD38F7AF8 Laguna South
    346BD38F7B1C Pangasinan
    346BD38F7B24 Bulacan 4
    346BD38F7B28 Laguna South
    346BD38F7B30 Laguna South
    346BD38F7B68 Laguna South
    346BD38F7BB4 Laguna South
    346BD38F7C0C Cavite Lower 3
    346BD38F7C60 Cavite Lower 4
    346BD38F7C8C Cavite Lower 3
    346BD38F7CE4 Bukidnon
    346BD38F7D7C Koronadal
    346BD38F7E50 Cavite Lower 3
    346BD38F859C Bulacan 3
    346BD38F8614 Bogo Cebu
    346BD38F8758 Ozamis
    346BD38F877C Bulacan 1
    346BD38F885C Bulacan 4
    346BD38F8960 Batangas East 1
    346BD38F89A0 Bataan
    346BD38F8A50 Pangasinan
    346BD38F8B68 Carcar Cebu
    346BD38F8C04 Laguna South
    346BD38F8C18 Laguna South
    346BD38F8CE0 Bulacan 1
    346BD38F8CFC Bataan
    346BD38F94E8 Bulacan 2
    346BD38F94F8 Jones Cebu
    346BD38F94FC Jones Cebu
    346BD38F9514 Laguna South
    346BD38F9604 Cagayan West
    346BD38F9650 Bogo Cebu
    346BD38F9754 Jones Cebu
    346BD38F9810 Bulacan 3
    346BD38F983C Laguna North
    346BD38F9888 Lower CAMANAVA
    346BD38F98E4 Lower CAMANAVA
    346BD38F98F0 Bulacan 3
    346BD38F9930 Upper QC 1
    346BD38F9A48 Bulacan 3
    346BD38F9AF0 Cavite Upper 1
    346BD38F9B8C Camarines Norte
    346BD38F9E10 Laguna South
    346BD38F9E4C Laguna South
    346BD38F9F6C Koronadal
    346BD38FA008 Surigao
    346BD38FA050 Bulacan 3
    346BD38FA0C0 Lower QC 2
    346BD38FA0C4 Bulacan 2
    346BD38FA11C Cavite Upper 1
    346BD38FA318 Bulacan 3
    346BD38FA420 Surigao
    346BD38FA46C Cagayan West
    346BD38FA520 Laguna South
    346BD38FA56C Lower CAMANAVA
    346BD38FA754 Lower CAMANAVA
    346BD38FA784 Laguna South
    346BD38FA794 Cavite Upper 1
    346BD38FA838 Bulacan 2
    346BD38FAA94 Lower CAMANAVA
    346BD38FABC4 Pampanga 1 (lower)
    346BD38FAC20 Pampanga 1 (lower)
    346BD38FAC94 Lower CAMANAVA
    346BD38FAD10 Lower CAMANAVA
    346BD38FAD1C Lower CAMANAVA
    346BD38FAD34 Upper Caloocan
    346BD38FADC0 Laguna South
    346BD38FAE90 Surigao
    346BD38FAF90 Laguna South
    346BD38FAFC0 Upper Caloocan
    346BD38FB5E4 Batangas East 1
    346BD38FB830 Pampanga 2 (upper)
    346BD38FB838 Bulacan 3
    346BD38FB878 Batangas West 1
    346BD38FB890 Pampanga 1 (lower)
    346BD38FB8D4 Bulacan 2
    346BD38FB8D8 Bulacan 2
    346BD38FB8EC Pampanga 2 (upper)
    346BD38FB8F4 Bulacan 3
    346BD38FB900 Pampanga 2 (upper)
    346BD38FB978 Bulacan 2
    346BD38FB9B4 Lower CAMANAVA
    346BD38FB9EC Lower CAMANAVA
    346BD38FBA50 Upper Caloocan
    346BD38FBA84 Laguna South
    346BD38FBB94 Batangas East 1
    346BD38FBBC8 Laguna North
    346BD38FBC0C Laguna North
    346BD38FBD0C Laguna North
    346BD38FBD14 Laguna South
    346BD38FBEE0 Bulacan 2
    346BD38FBEFC Bulacan 2
    346BD38FC078 Laguna North
    346BD38FC098 Laguna North
    346BD38FC1B4 Bulacan 4
    346BD38FC1BC Bulacan 1
    346BD38FC1C4 Bulacan 1
    346BD38FC218 Bulacan 3
    346BD38FC238 Bulacan 1
    346BD38FC250 Bulacan 3
    346BD38FC284 Bulacan 3
    346BD38FC2E4 Bulacan 1
    346BD38FC2FC Bulacan 4
    346BD38FC374 Bulacan 3
    346BD38FC388 Bulacan 4
    346BD38FC400 Bulacan 1
    346BD38FC40C Bulacan 4
    346BD38FC51C Bulacan 4
    346BD38FC5A8 Batangas West 1
    346BD38FC5C4 Batangas West 1
    346BD38FC5F0 Batangas West 1
    346BD38FC608 Bulacan 4
    346BD38FC64C Cavite Lower 4
    346BD38FC650 Batangas West 1
    346BD38FC65C Batangas West 1
    346BD38FC66C Batangas West 1
    346BD38FC6EC Bulacan 4
    346BD38FCB54 Upper QC 1
    346BD38FCB70 Upper QC 1
    346BD38FCBE8 Upper QC 1
    346BD38FCC04 Lower QC 2
    346BD38FCC18 Laguna North
    346BD38FCCE4 Laguna North
    346BD38FCCFC Laguna North
    346BD38FCD24 Laguna North
    346BD38FCD60 Laguna North
    346BD38FCFB8 Camarines Sur
    346BD38FCFEC Taguig
    346BD38FD018 Cavite Upper 2
    346BD38FD13C Abra
    346BD38FD168 Camarines Sur
    346BD38FD16C Tagbilaran Bohol
    346BD38FD1A8 Tagbilaran Bohol
    346BD38FD1F4 Cagayan East
    346BD38FD21C Ilocos Norte
    346BD38FD240 Laguna North
    346BD38FD360 Ilocos Norte
    346BD38FD3EC Surigao
    346BD38FD4CC Laguna North
    346BD38FD4D8 Laguna North
    346BD38FD5DC Upper Caloocan
    346BD38FD5E8 Lower CAMANAVA
    346BD38FD608 Taguig

    Note: Nakita ko lang po sa Google. Anong series po kaya yang mga yan? May bomba kaya dyan? Kayo na ho ang humusga....
  2. jojo040

    jojo040 Addict Established

    hmmm dami naman niyan sure ba ts alive mga yan
    check natin sa less ng boomba mac...:whistle:
    well thanks po dito...
    edit:check mo rin dito...
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    Last edited: Dec 6, 2015
  3. jhon quibin

    jhon quibin Addict Established

    Paki ch3ck na lang mga boss.
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