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Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by katsuragi33, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. katsuragi33

    katsuragi33 Addict Established

    Last edited: Aug 19, 2016
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  2. payatotz

    payatotz Addict Established

    ok try ko nga to boss
  3. katsuragi33

    katsuragi33 Addict Established

    Goodluck :D
  4. recovery

    recovery Enthusiast Established

  5. joroz123

    joroz123 Grasshopper Established

    hindi ba na dc to boss
  6. katsuragi33

    katsuragi33 Addict Established

    Tingnan mo SS ko sir ;)

    Welcome po :D
  7. fyi, lang t.s wala talagang cap ang injector , dc pwede pa.. btw.. salamat keep it up..
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  8. sk113l

    sk113l Enthusiast Established

    Boss san makakahanap ng working na remote proxy? Para ma try ko to
  9. Smoker4ace

    Smoker4ace Enthusiast Established

    Thanks you boss :) .. BTW hindi po ako marunong gumawa ng ehi eh :( Paano po tnt po :)
  10. kabang

    kabang Enthusiast Established

    pwede ba to sa smart o tnt lang?
  11. quinsy

    quinsy Honorary Poster Established

    nice one ts salamat
  12. majcomtech

    majcomtech Enthusiast Established

    Maraming salamat. Pero pahingi naman po. Marunong akong gumawa kaso puro ang babagal ng nagagawa ko. Mga ehi na nagawa at epro puro ang babagal. Di ko ma share kasi nkakahoya sa bagal.
  13. sk113l

    sk113l Enthusiast Established

    [2016-08-17 19:47:59] Running on samsung (sc7727s) samsung, Android API 19
    [2016-08-17 19:47:59] Application version: 3.1.0 Build 50
    [2016-08-17 19:48:07] <strong>Using VPN Service</strong>
    [2016-08-17 19:48:07] [START] service requested
    [2016-08-17 19:48:11] Injector Service Started
    [2016-08-17 19:48:11] Network Status: CONNECTED HSPA+ to mobile internet
    [2016-08-17 19:48:11] Acquire wakelock
    [2016-08-17 19:48:11] Local IP:
    [2016-08-17 19:48:11] Starting listening local port: <b>8989</b>
    [2016-08-17 19:48:11] Starting - Network Task
    [2016-08-17 19:48:11] Remote Proxy Address:
    [2016-08-17 19:48:11] Listening for incoming connection
    [2016-08-17 19:48:11] Start tunnel service
    [2016-08-17 19:48:18] Buffer Size: 32767
    [2016-08-17 19:48:19] Running - Proxy Thread
    [2016-08-17 19:48:19] Formatted Payload:CONNECT [host_port] HTTP/1.1[crlf][crlf]PUT Please or Register to view links [protocol][crlf]Host: smartapps.opera.ph[crlf]CONNECT [host_port] [protocol][crlf][crlf]
    [2016-08-17 19:48:19] Running - Proxy Thread
    [2016-08-17 19:48:19] Injecting
    [2016-08-17 19:48:28] <strong>Status: 200 (Connection established)</strong> Successful - The action requested by the client was successful.
    [2016-08-17 19:48:30] Finally - Closing connection
    [2016-08-17 19:48:30] IOException: Socket closed
    [2016-08-17 19:48:30] Connection Lost
    [2016-08-17 19:48:30] Problem in SSH connection thread during connecting - There was a problem while connecting to vpn-sg1.skyssh.net:443
    [2016-08-17 19:48:32] <strong>Disconnected</strong>

    Status 200 kaso di ako makaconnect sa ssh
  14. palitan mo port sa ssh 443 to 22 then connect mu ulit,
  15. katsuragi33

    katsuragi33 Addict Established

    No dc pala :LOL: thanks sa pag correct
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