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Tutorial Best Root Apps for Rooted Android Phone

Discussion in 'Android Unlocking & Rooting' started by JayDroid, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. List Of Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone

    Without these apps there is no meaning of rooted android phone

    With rooting we can get all privileges on system files and features which we can
    customize according to us. Like we can change custom ROM, system files, permissions,
    boot files and many more.

    #1 Greenify

    Greenify help you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when
    you are not using them, to stop them from lagging your device and leeching the
    battery, in an unique way! They can do nothing without explicit launch by you or
    other apps, while still preserving full functionality when running in foreground.

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    #2 ROM Manager

    Android root user must have this app. You can recover your data with the latest and
    greatest ClockworkMod recovery. It will also let you Manage your ROMs via a UI.
    You can perform backups and restores and manage/organize them. You can also Install ROMs
    from your SD card and favorite ROMs over the air.

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    #3 Titanium Backup Root

    Titanium Backup is mainly used for backup & restores mobile phone data. There is a
    free as well as premium version available on Google play store. With the pro version
    you can get more powerful features like you can backup, freeze, restore apps/data/ and
    other important links. You can backup all the protected apps, system apps and other external
    data on your SD card. You can also c
    reate scheduled backups.

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    #4 ROOT Explorer

    Root Explorer is the premium app and ultimate file manager for android root users. With the
    help of this app you can get all access on your android’s phone file system. like Google Drive,
    Drop-box, Box, SQLite database viewer, Text Editor and can create and extract zip or tar/gzip files,
    multi-select, extract rar archives, Search, execute scripts, bookmarks, permissions, remount, send files
    (through email, Bluetooth etc), image thumbnails and more.

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    #5 Tasker

    It is a advance app that lets automate your android phone. It will happen the things automatically
    when the certain conditions are to be met. Like from settings to SMS it will totally automate your
    android phone. You can design your own screen overlays. There are many built in plugins which
    support it. Many triggers which happens the things automatically.

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    #6 Wanam Xposed

    Wanam Xposed is another app for rooted android users. With the help of this app you can customize
    your mobile stock ROM. There are many other features which you can experience while using this app.
    You can disable camera shutter sound because in some mobiles we cannot off the camera shutter sound.
    You can save call logs view, enable keyboard symbols and more.

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    #7 CPU Tuner

    With the CPU Tuner you can control power consumption of your android device. Because smartphones
    consumes more power and due to this the battery reduces faster if you are not happy with this you can
    download CPU Tuner and save your phone battery as much as possible.

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    #8 Solid Explorer

    Solid Explorer is a best and nicest app. It is a good app which can manage your media files.
    There is ability in this app to change system level file properties. It will automatically mount file systems
    as read/write. You can also get very elegant UI with different customization options.

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    I hope you like these different type of best root apps for rooted phones.

    I'll keep try to update latest and best apps soon as possible.
    If you have any of the best please leave your comments below mga kapuso.
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  2. Thanks! pero hindi :D(y)ako ka puso . Pamilya tayo haha
  3. Frankenstain

    Frankenstain Journeyman Established

    San ang downloadlink boss?

    Maganda sana yan.:)
  4. vincem

    vincem Enthusiast Established

    anu po magandang root para sa flare xl? anu anu po un mga risk pag rooted na po un phone?
  5. johnel06

    johnel06 Addict Established

    sa computer o laptop po gamitin mo epektibo talaga download kalang ng kingoroot sa laptop mo sure 100% maroroot yan
  6. vincem

    vincem Enthusiast Established

    anu po kagandahan pag nakaroot ang phone po