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Tutorial Baseball heroes cheats - combo hack

Discussion in 'Game Cheats' started by TheScript, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. TheScript

    TheScript Eat.Drink.Code Staff Member Moderator

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    Baseball Heroes Cheats - Combo Hack
    Tested and working as of 12.23.12

    • Combo Max
    • Combo Booster
    • Random Skill Hit
      1. Go to Baseball Heroes - Please or Register to view links
    • Open Cheat Engine
    • Select -plugin_container.exe(firefox) or 2nd FlashPlayerPlugin_11.exe |Google Chrome: How to find the correct process - Please or Register to view links
    1. Open and select the file that you have just downloaded from link above or simply double click the file to lauch the scripts.
    2. Check all the box BELOW ACTIVE TAB!
    3. HAVE FUN!!!

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  2. I cant Download... If you click the link, It will download IMESH
  3. i will try this later. :)
  4. i can only mark X in RANDOM SKILL HIT.. CANNOT mark X in the other 2..
  5. thanks.btw, the combo max doesnt work, combo booster and random skill hit seems working, but how about a hack for energy?
  6. Please update this. doesnt work anymore. :whistle:
  7. i can't put an x mark on these three :chin:
  8. me to got the same problem :chin:i can only mark X in RANDOM SKILL HIT.. CANNOT mark X in the other 2
  9. what is the password to encrypt pls help?
  10. the rar file is asking a password for me to extract the cheat file :( whats the password?
  11. Sir hindi po ma check yung 3 box . may maitutulong po ba kayo don ?
  12. pls update this .doesn't work anymore . thanks .
  13. cannot click the white square..
  14. patry TS hehe salamt sa share