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Tutorial Android Reverse Tethering (Use Your DSL to connect to internet on your phone)

Discussion in 'Android Internet Tricks' started by bratboo, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Android Reverse Tethering (Use Your DSL to connect to internet on your phone)

    - Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 SP1
    - Net Framework 3.o
    - Rooted Android Phone

    Tested by users:
    - Samsung Galaxy Y
    - Galaxy Mini
    - Desire HD
    - Desire Z

    Tethering is the ability to surf on your pc using the 3g of your phone
    Reverse tethering is the opposite : surf on your phone using the ADSL of your PC.

    Before starting the tool;
    - Ensure you have debugging enabled on your phone :
    - Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging > Turn On
    - Ensure you have root access AND SuperUser application installed.
    - Change the superuser settings (Menu -> Preferences -> Notifications part) :
    - Uncheck "Notifications" label to display "Do not show notification when an app is granted Su Permissions"

    Android Tool;
    - The AndroidTool.exe is the windows part
    - The low level communication tool (ADB) is included in the zip file.
    - AndroidTool will try to find ADB in c:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools\adb.exe
    - If not found he will use the provided one.

    The first time you use the program:
    -If you want to use another version of ADB, clik "config" and in the first tab enter the path to the ADB
    - Select the DNS server to use in the right list. On complex system, some dns can be detected.

    Start reverse tethering;
    - usb click “Connect”.
    - If it's the first time you use the program, This will install the latest android package and the dependencies (busybox and redsocks).
    - The SuperUser process may ask you to allow “Usb tunnel”
    - If the android process crash after receiving superuser rights, close the windows program and start again.
    - The android interface (first tab) will show connections forwarded to windows.
    - Others tabs are just for debugging (give information about system route tables and connections). Not yet finished.

    Take Note:
    - Not yet tested by me. Make sure you have CWM to make sure just incase your current custom ROM crashes.
    - Start your browser
    - Google chrome will complain that no connection is available. Don’t care. That work.
    - Firefox , opera and dolphin don’t have problem with that !!!
    - The current version of the application can’t forward low level ICMP packet (PING).
    - From Android Os point of vue, there is no internet connection.

    Market :
    - The search market work, but due to the same connection problem, it’s not possible to download. I hope Google will fix the market.

    Other apps :
    - The system detect automatically ports like http (80), https (443) , Market (5228) . UDP ports like DNS also work.
    - You don't need to add static ports in the windows program (config / ports).

    Tested under :
    - Tested under more than 20 android model. Thanks for your feedback :)

    Change Log:
    Version 2.23 :
    Display port name on tool.
    add more debug info when copying to clipboard.

    Version 2.22 :
    Some bug fix (Script, statistics on windows).
    Should work now if the data is on (wifi or the 3g) is on.
    Less traces after connection.

    Version 2.21 :
    Fixed ICS problem with usb0.

    Version 2.20 :
    fixed startup (busybox conflict). Thanks to hruskozrout for the tests and his feedback :)

    Version 2.18 :
    More stable
    Fixed most connection problems
    New windows layout (will continue to change in further releases)

    Version 2.17 :
    Automatic upload latest version to your android. No need to uninstall previous version
    Connection history panel. Interesting to see what and when applications are connecting.
    Fix "connect" bug
    Set various DNS to
    Lastest low level binaries

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