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3 pesos unlitxt daw!

Discussion in 'Internet Tricks Questions' started by xdirome, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. ganito lang po ka simple


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    tapos ganito po dapat ang reply ni pasaload


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    note :
    dapat po saktong 3 pesos lng balance nyo..

    e2 po gamit ko ngaun hehehe....
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  2. anung unli po yan ? all net po ba ?
  3. all net po yan
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  4. wag dapat lagyan, ng DAW baka magduda yung leechers nababasa,,neto ;)


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  5. yayaman ang pinasahan natin yan haha :D
  6. Wyvern-heart

    Wyvern-heart Support Team Support Team

    na try ko yan sa location not working siguro di ako umabot sa mga ganyan kaya not working na sa akin. pero thanks for sharing sana meron ulit.
  7. not working na nga hehe pero atleast na experience ko sya kahit minsan haha
  8. para naman toh sa kanila haha
  9. woking parin po. thanks
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  10. -tama! wahaha :)

    -working pa rin ba yung Sulitin ang PISO make it unli 2 days?
  12. gumagana pa ba to mga tol?thanks...
  13. NhadX

    NhadX Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    @garong, eto po feedback boss, last 1 PM lang (y)
  14. sundan nyo lang yung steps. kapag nagreply na si pasaload, maginquire kayo, pag zero load mo... pasok ka na sa unli. nakakakonek din sa vpn maski zero.

    Attached Files:

  15. ah ok bos..thanks s info.yung bug bos gumagana pba?
  16. ano yung vpn sir at paano gwn?newbie lng po k2
  17. nice otor....
    working po yan nabasa ko na feedback sa kabila
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  18. ok thanx s info bro..
  19. Mga sir gumagana pa po ba to sainyo?? kasi pag nagtetext ako eh ang reply po sakin eto "Sorry, service is temporarily unavailable".
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